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A solo performance portraying Abraham Joshua Heschel

Heshel actor

Rabbi Prof. Heschel's inspiring life story and character is made into a fascinating show. The play, an original production commissioned by the World Zionist Organization to inaugurated events marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Abraham Joshua Heschel - one of the most important Jewish thinkers of modern times.

Abraham Heschel with MLK

The solo performance of, “Heschel’s Passover Eve” meets Rabbi Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel a few days before the Seder to which he invited his friend and traveling companion, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, in April 1968.

The preparations for Seder night infuse the Jewish "Festival of Freedom" with universal meaning and link the call, "Let My People Go," to the struggle for human rights, social activism, the need for Tikun Olam, the relevance of Jewish tradition, Zionism, and Jewish peoplehood for each one of us.



"This performance is a moving and powerful tribute to Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s life and legacy..."


Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal
CEO USCJ & The Rabbinical Assembly


"...I enjoyed every moment. Rodia Kozlovsky's acting is excellent. He portrays Heschel in an authentic and moving way, succeeding in embodying Heschel's universal worldview and his character..."

Ziona Kenig Yair

Director General of the Diaspora Ministry


A one-man show that is inspiring, educational and entertaining at the same time...

Noga Brenner Samia

CEO, Hillel Israel

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 Play: Eran Shavit 

 Director:  Yoni Eilat 

 Actor:  Rodie Kozlovsky

 Music:  Alon Azizi 

 Academic Consultant:  Dr. Dror Bondi 


 Production:  The National (Artzi) Theater 

 Presented By:  Office of the Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Dr. Yizhar Hess 

Join the Passover table of Rabbi Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel!

Aug 22, 2023 - showing at the HaBima Theater. Book now.

Running time:

45 min

The performance is subsidized by the Office of the WZO Deputy Chairman

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