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Noga Brenner Samia

CEO, Hillel Israel


A one-man show that is inspiring, educational and entertaining at the same time…introduces the audience not only to a prominent Jewish-American scholar but also to the connection between Judaism and social activism, and to the concept that the struggle for justice is an important Jewish value for Jews who live as a minority in the diaspora and also for those of us here in the State of Israel.

Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal  

Chief Executive Officer USCJ-United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

The Rabbinical Assembly


This performance is a moving and powerful tribute to Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s life and legacy. Just as Rabbi Herschel prayed with his feet in Selma, this one person play pushes us toward caring, justice, and action. Every community around the world should host this experience and heed its call.

Ziona Kenig Yair

Director General of the Diaspora Ministry


"...I enjoyed every moment. Rodia Kozlovsky's acting is excellent. He portrays Heshel in an authentic and moving way, succeeding in embodying Heschel's universal worldview and his character. The show illustrates Heschel's contribution to the discourse of human and civil rights and makes his character accessible to the general public. Don't miss it!"

Yair Shelag

Shalom Hartman Institute

Makor Rishon Jurnal


A fascinating show about a fascinating man. Those who watch the show will get an interesting glimpse into the character and thought of Heschel, one of the most original and important Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century. I hope that this taste will make viewers also want to get to know the man more deeply.

Gabi Glazman

The mission of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency to Latin America


I strongly recommend watching the play 'Heshel's Seder Night'. In this play I was exposed to the fascinating, stormy and inspiring character of Rabbi Prof. Avraham Yehoshua Heshel. This show, which is an individual show, touched me, accompanied me for many days after watching it and raised many questions about the personal behavior and commitment of every Jew to create a better world. If you are going to watch one show during the year, then without a doubt this is the show to watch!

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