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The Production

The Actor

Rodie Kozlovsky
Rodie Kozlovsky

Kozlovsky (born October 20, 1976) is an Israeli theater actor and announcer. Studied at Beit Zvi. Participated in the plays: "The Price of Honor", "Memories of Brighton Beach", "Nuremberg", "The Boys at the Door Across the Street" (at the Haifa Theater), "Mama Courage" (at the Chamber Theater), "Knives in the Chickens" (Times Ensemble), "The Black Monk" " in the Malanki Theater, "Galileo", "Opening Doors" (Beer Sheva Theatre), as well as in the plays in the Library Theater: "Three Days of Rain", "The Trojan War Will Not Break Out", "Swing in Two", "Hedda Gabler", "The Doll's House" ", "The Boys Next Door", "Richard II", "The Merchant of Venice" and in the independent play "Derech Gagarin" directed by Yosef Pichadza and featuring Menashe Noy, Yaniv Biton and Ezra Kafri. He participated in the children's shows: "The Double Light", "Emil and the Detectives", "The Flying Class", "Start to Smile" and "Hanna Sanesh". On television, Rodia Kozlovsky played Ofer Narkis, the Shin Bet agent, in the drama series "The Switch", and in cinema he participated in "The Moon with Wolves" and in Yevgeny Roman's film "The Man on the Wall".

The Director

Yoni Eilat
Yoni Eilat


Eilat (November 5, 1975) is an Israeli actor and singer.

Eilat is a graduate of Beit Zvi, the Academy of Performing Arts in Israel. He has been performing since 2001 in different theater productions, children's plays and musicals. He is best known for his solo performances of Yiddish and Israeli songs ("shira betzibur"), which he performed throughout Israel and the world.

He is an ensemble member at Yiddishpiel Theater - the Israeli National Yiddish Theater. For his contribution to the Yiddish culture he is a winner of three Yiddishpiel Awards.

In 2010, Eilat released his first album, Zigayner Neshume (ציגיינער נשמה, Gypsy Soul): 11 Yiddish versions of Gypsy folk music. The songs were performed by Eilat as part of the 2011 International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam.

In 2012, he was in Poland when he participated in the joint Israeli-Polish production “Szpera 42” at the Chorea Theater.

In 2013 he directed and played in Yiddishpiel's production "The Kishke Monologues". The play, that described as a "musical-culinary journey" was based mainly on texts from cookbooks and included monologues in Hebrew and Yiddish songs. For his work Yoni was nominated as a director of the year at Israeli theater award. In 2015 the show took part at the Kulturfest in NYC, and in 2016 at the Festival of Jewish Culture in Warsaw.

In 2015 he directed and played in another Yiddishpiel's production: "Zigayner Neshume", based on the songs from his album by that name.

In 2016 he directed "Will he return" - a play based on songs composed by Manos Hadjidakis, which was performed at The Goodman Acting School of the Negev.

In 2017, he directed and participated a third Yiddishpiel play: "A Yiddishe Mameh", a musical dealing with the image of the Jewish mother in theater, films and music.


Eran Shavit
Eran Shavit

Eran Shavit, born in 1963, writes plays, scripts and texts in a wide variety of content areas in Israel and around the world. Eran holds an MA degree from Tel Aviv University in Archeology and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, a lecturer, creator, exhibition curator and content manager in the field of heritage houses and visitor centers. Eran has published two books of poetry and six books for children, including "The Wall That Flee from Home" which won the Ben Yitzhak Award from the Israel Museum .

Eran wrote the play "The Dream Cleaners" which is presented at the Ben Gurion House in Tel Aviv, the "Elevator of Time" performances in Jerusalem, Rome and Cyprus, "The Oforia" in the Hula Reserve, "The Glass House" in Nir Galim, "AMAZING INDIA" in Agra, India, "along the Avenue of the Palms" " at Mikva Israel, "News of the Great Revolt" in Masada, "Ir-Har-Yam" in Haifa and many others.

Among the exhibitions that Eran curated: the "Time" exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art, the Dali and Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions at Tel Aviv Port, exhibitions on science and space at the Science Museum in Be'er Sheva, and many others.

Academic counseling

Dror Bondi
Dr. Dror Bondi


Dr. Dror Bondi is dedicated to bringing Abraham Joshua Heschel's thought to Israel, translating his words into Hebrew and transforming Israel by his spirit.

Dr. Bondi is an author, translator and editor of several of Heschel's books. In 2012 he translated and edited the first Hebrew collection of Heschel’s articles. He translated Man's Quest of God and edited a new translation of The Shabbat and a translation of Heschel's Yiddish book, Kotzk. His Hebrew translation of Who is Man? Will be published soon, and his Hebrew translation of The Prophtes will be published next year. 

His own book Ayeca? about Heschel thought earned him Shalem Prize 2006 and in 2017 he published the booklet God, Democracy and Humanism in the Thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel (by The Israel Democracy Institute). In December 2018 he published (as co-editor) the first Hebrew academic collection of articles about Heschel – Get Thee: Studies in Abraham Joshua Heschel's Oeuvre. His new edition of Torah Min HaShamayim, based on newly discovered manuscripts which were never published, won HaPais Prize 2019.

Dr. Bondi has a doctorate in Jewish Thought from Bar-Ilan University. He is a fascinating lecturer in variety of places, especially at Machon Kerem of the David Yellin College of Education.

Dr. Bondi lives with his family in the community of the Urban-Kibbutz Beit Yisrael in Jerusalem, a community of religious and non-religious who unite together in social and spiritual activism.

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